PGHD – Heavy-Duty Industrial Grade Glycol

ig-loo PGHD Heat Transfer Fluid package is formulated for use with propylene glycols. ig-loo PGHD is used for closed-loop systems, water-based HVAC systems, process heating and cooling systems, and more.

The inhibitors in ig-loo PGHD protect all metals found in heat transfer fluid systems. These inhibitors control the corrosion of metals, help prevent scaling and fouling of heat transfer surfaces and buffer the pH to maintain it in the optimum operating range. The inhibitor is a high phosphate, multi-component formulation which makes ig-loo PGHD equivalent in terms of functionality and performance to the very best national brands available. ig-loo PGHD has a recommended operating temperature range of -60ºF to +350ºF (-51°C to 177°C) and can be used to provide both freeze and burst protection for systems which may be exposed to very low temperatures.

ig-loo PGHD provides outstanding corrosion protection for copper, brass, solder, steel, and cast iron and aluminum. ig-loo PGHD meets or exceeds industry standards when tested according to ASTM D1384, D8039, and D8040 methods. It is compatible with most plastics, elastomers, and types of rubber.  ig-loo PGHD also contains tolyltriazole to protect copper, brass and solder. A very effective buffering system neutralizes acids formed by the normal thermal and oxidative degradation of glycols, thus maintaining the pH in its optimum range.  This is of particular importance in industries where fluids routinely need to be in continuous contact with metals that require protection.

Traditional heat transfer fluids are usually phosphate-based like ig-loo PGHD, relatively high pH levels from 9.0-10.7, and protect aluminum at operating temperatures up to a maximum of 150°F (65°C). While these fluids provide good protection for most HVAC systems and other heating/cooling systems made primarily of steel with some copper, cast iron and brass, they can cause great damage to all-aluminum systems operating above 150°F, especially all-aluminum boiler systems.  ig-loo PGAL organic acid-based formulation contains no nitrites, amines, borates or phosphates and provides a pH of 8.0-8.5 in 50% heat transfer fluid. It protects all commonly used metals, including aluminum, up to at least 350°F (177°C), and it is compatible with most plastics and elastomers would be recommend with aluminum systems.

ig-loo PGHD can be formulated to any concentration. Water used to dilute ig-loo PGHD can be low hardness, city water or well water, although the use of deionized water is best. It is recommended that water with no more than 170 ppm hardness be used to dilute the concentrate or be used as make-up water. Higher hardness levels may cause excessive inhibitor consumption, scale deposits, and metal pitting.

ig-loo PGHD offers you and your customers with factory pre-mixes of 25%, 30%, 35%, 40%, 45%, 50%, 55%, 60%, 70% and Full Concentrate of Heavy Duty Inhibited Propylene Glycol

Available Package Size:

1-gallon plastic bottles (6/case)
5-gallon plastic buckets
55-gallon plastic drums
275-gallon plastic totes
Bulk – tanker truck

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ig-loo Family Heat Transfer Fluids
ig-loo Family Heat Transfer Fluids
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