EGHD – Heavy-Duty Ethylene Glycol

ig-loo EGHD formulation of 95 weight percent ethylene glycol and a specially designed package of industrial corrosion inhibitors. The fluid is dyed orange for leak detection purposes. Solutions of this in water provide freeze protection to below -50°C (-60°F) and burst protection to below -73°C (-100°F). It is widely used within the HVAC industry or wherever low freezing water-based heat transfer fluids are needed.

Manufactured with 100% virgin ethylene glycol. ig-loo fluids are specially formulated with heavy-duty industrial inhibitor packages that prevent corrosion. The inhibitors are easily maintained, long lasting and replenishable, which means intervals between fluid changeouts are extended and fluid expense is minimized.

ig-loo EGHD Heavy Duty Inhibited Ethylene Glycol available in Prediluted and Full Concentrate.

Available Package Size:

1-gallon plastic bottles (6/case)
5-gallon plastic buckets
55-gallon plastic drums
275-gallon plastic totes
Bulk – tanker truck

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