NiTex Touchscreen Gloves

The NiTex series of rubber coated gloves are an assortment of liners coupled with our patented water-based micro foam nitrile coating. This series includes general work, touch screen, and cut-resistant gloves.

P-200 General Work Gloves – The NiTex P-200 is the swiss army knife of work gloves with numerous applications across dozens of industries. With patented rubber foam coating and high-quality nylon, they increase productivity through safety and comfort.

Touch Screen – Unique rubber coating allows touch screen usage. These gloves are made with smart touch fibers woven into the fabric ensuring limitless touch screen possibilities.

Cut-Resistant – Our cut-resistant gloves are rated on both CE and ANSI scales with infused tungsten steel. The A series cut gloves provide unmatched tactile sensitivity, smart touch, while maintaining meaningful cut-resistance in multiple levels of A5, A7, and A9.