PGFG – Propylene Glycol – NSF (HT1)

ig-loo PGFG is acceptable for use as a heat transfer fluid where there is possibility of incidental food contact.  ig-loo PGFG is registered under Category Code (HT1), NSF Registration No. 169143 designed for use in water systems in food grade facilities where it may come into incidental or accidental contact with food, beverage products or drinking water may occur. It could be used in HVAC systems, fire systems, solar heating, refrigeration warehouse floor heating, sidewalk/playing field subsurface heating/cooling, cold room dehumidification systems.

ig-loo PGFG contains dipotassium phosphate as its primary inhibitor. Contains GRAS ingredients, or “Generally Recognized as Safe” ingredients by the FDA and acceptable as Direct Food Additives (Food Additives Regulations, Subparts 182 and 184). The regulation for Propylene Glycol 21 CFR 1821666 and Dipotassium Phosphate is CFR 182.6285. It also meets Food Chemicals Codex (Fourth Edition).

ig-loo PGFG inhibitor package contains ingredients that help prevent corrosion of metals, minimizes scaling and fouling of heat transfer surfaces, and buffers the pH to maintain it in the optimum operating range. The inhibitor system is a high phosphate formulation and is compatible with all common metals in heat transfer fluid systems and is compatible with most plastic construction materials.

The recommended operating temperature range of ig-loo PGFG is -45ºF (-50°C) to +250ºF (120°C). The lowest temperature to which the finished product can be exposed depends upon the amount of water with which the concentration of product mixed.

ig-loo PGFG can be used to provide both freezing protection and burst protection for systems which may be exposed to very low temperatures.  ig-loo PGFG may be formulated to any concentration, with deionized water.

ig-loo PGFG offers you and your customers with factory pre-mixes of 25%, 30%, 35%, 40%, 45%, 50%, 55%, 60%, 70% and Full Concentrate.

Available Package Size:

1-gallon plastic bottles (6/case)
5-gallon plastic buckets
55-gallon plastic drums
275-gallon plastic totes
Bulk – tanker truck

KM Solutions ig-loo Propelyne and Ethelyne Glycol
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