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KM Solutions is your source for Heat Transfer Fluids specializing in food and industrial heavy duty inhibited propylene glycol.

KM Solutions is a family-owned and operated supplier of products, specializing in Heat Transfer Fluids (HTF) to the Plumbing, HVAC, and Refrigeration industry.  With different variants of Heat Transfer Fluids in the market, KM Solutions has elected to provide a high-level PGHD (Propylene Glycol Heavy Duty).  ig-loo, powered by an industry-leading glycol manufacturer, is 100% virgin propylene glycol which can be dyed for leak detection purposes.  ig-loo is specially designed with a heavy-duty industrial inhibitor package that assures you the highest quality heat transfer fluids with multi-metal corrosion protection. KM Solutions provides customers with flexibility in packaging, delivery, and special requests to serve their everyday business needs. We are committed to providing quality products and reliable customer service, backed by years of industry experience.


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